What Men Want: 6 Qualities Men Look For In A Woman

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Different strokes for different folks goes a certain proverb. While individual men would have some unique taste when it comes to the physical/bodily attributes of a woman, most men likely want very similar things in terms of character and attributes. Here are some qualities beyond physique that men are always looking out for in women

  • Confidence

When a woman is confident enough, no one can intimidate her, it will only make her a woman that men will love to have. Men really love confident women because it makes them trust the woman no matter what.

  • Intelligence

Most men find intelligence to be quite attractive. Having an intelligent girlfriend makes men happy, and when they marry you, their children will definitely learn from you. Your intelligence is not to compete with his, but to equal him and also satisfy his intellect. If you are an intelligent woman your man will be bold enough to take you to meet his friends, associates, and family.

  • A non-materialistic kind of woman

Men favor women who are not materialistic. A man will remain by your side through thick and thin if the woman stood by his side when he had nothing. Allow him to choose how to spend his money on you. stop pressuring him to take you to that pricey restaurant, or always demand a certain amount of money from him. Otherwise, he might think you’re a materialistic jerk.

  • A fun-loving woman

Men want someone to play, joke, and have fun with; they sometimes find it difficult to get along with serious women. Being jovial will always make men want to marry you because it will create an atmosphere that will compel him to stick around you.

  • Honesty

No matter how serious the situation appears to be, you should always be truthful because if a guy eventually starts to realize that you always tell lies, it will cause him to lose feelings for you. Lies and deceit ruin relationships. If a man cannot trust you, he will never want to have a future with you. Eventually the man will completely cut you off If you are not a woman of integrity.

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