Ladies heads up! 4 secrets you should never disclose to him

Dating Relationship

Women are often guilty of laying themselves bare at the mercy of their partners. This leaves them vulnerable when the relationship falls apart. Contempt, blackmail and exploitation are some of the consequences that can come from exposing all of your secrets to your lover. Some things are better kept to yourself, no matter how trivial they seem! Here are 4 secrets you shouldn’t disclose to your boyfriend.

Body count

Body count refers to the males you had sex with before to meeting your current partner. This is personal information because it’s likely that you were impressionable, inexperienced, or under other types of pressure that led you to act in that way. Make sure that any man you are with is aware of his limitations. Never reveal such knowledge, and no sane man would need to inquire about it.

Family secret

You should respect your family and put them first in everything you do as a woman. You should also be cautious about giving any man access to highly personal family matters or information. Consider it your exclusive responsibility to keep your family safe; your man and your relationship with him have nothing to do with these matters.

Financial potential

Your boyfriend should be aware of where you work and how you get paid either monthly or weekly, but he shouldn’t be aware of your financial situation. Once they discover they are wealthier, most males have a tendency to depend on rich women. Your family and self-care should be your top priorities as a young lady.


Don’t reveal all of your sexual prowess or what you can do for your man in bed at once; excitement comes from mystery. If he truly knows everything, it can start to get boring for him or make him feel too comfortable with you. The key is to gradually reveal yourself to him and surprise him along the way; don’t rush into everything at once. You have the rest of your life ahead of you because marriage should last a lifetime.

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