Six Things A Girl Wants In A Relationship

Dating Relationship

There’s more to relationships than just going out on dates, texting, chatting and talking on the phone for hours. A good boyfriend should figure out what a girl needs. This is what makes relationships last long and worthwhile.

Do you love your girlfriend and want her to be happy and satisfied with your relationship? Below are some of the things every girl would want in a relationship.

Unconditional love

She’s not perfect, she wants you to love her unconditionally. Accept that her flaws are part of her and tolerate her little shortcomings. Don’t go pushing her to do a facelift or surgery just to look good to your taste. Instead, love her and always see the good and perfections in her. Talk about her strengths not her weaknesses.

Understanding and patience

Your girl also needs patience and understanding from you. Don’t react rashly to every little thing she does. It is normal for girls to have mood swings due to the unstable nature of their hormones. Try to understand her body language and soft buttons too. Be patient with her.


A girl needs to feel secure. She needs to be sure that you won’t leave her for another girl. She’s always going to get jealous seeing another woman around you. Make sure to be loyal and earn her trust. Don’t give her reasons to become suspicious or insecure.

Direction and commitment

No sensible woman would want to be in a relationship that has no direction. Where’s the relationship heading to in the next couple of months, will it lead to marriage? She wants you to be committed to her and your relationship with her.


Trust plays an important role in every relationship. It creates bonds and promotes closeness between you and her. She would feel confident and secure knowing that you trust her to make the right choices.


Your girlfriend trusts you and expects you to be loyal to her even when she’s not around. You have to cherish, love and defend her even in her absence. Stay loyal!

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