7 Weird Things Girls Do When They Get Jealous

7 Weird Things Girls Do When They Get Jealous

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Every one of us gets jealous at some point for one reason or the other. However, for female folks, jealousy is more likely to occur often as they tend to be rather possessive. Girls are territorial creatures and would do anything to secure their own. Getting jealous is not always a negative behavior as it is a sign she is afraid of losing you to another.

On the other hand, jealousy can make girls act weirdly, doing things that ordinarily they would not have done. Below are some things girls are likely to do when they are jealous, that guys find rather weird.

Suddenly changing moods

You may notice your girlfriend changing her mood swiftly when you tend to be flirting with another girl. As we all know, girls have mood swings, but jealousy springs up easily when another girl comes to the table.

Ignoring you

You can tell she’s jealous when she starts ignoring you and playing hard to get. You may need to do something exceptional to impress her.

Telling her friends to monitor you

She may stalk you through her friends. When girls get jealous, they want to know who you spend your time with. Not wanting you to know that she’s monitoring your movements, she may ask her friends to monitor your

Pretending to be too busy

Pretending to be busy is a sign that she’s jealous. This can happen when you’re busy talking to another girl. You may notice your girlfriend looking so busy with her phone. Nah, she’s not busy, she’s just jealous but doesn’t want to feel ignored.

Trying to flirt with other men

You’ve made her jealous, now is your turn to get jealous too. She may start flirting with other guys to get your attention and perhaps rouse your own jealousy.

Creating fake accounts to monitor you

If your girl is keeping tabs on you, she is definitely jealous. She may create multiple accounts to monitor your activities on social media without your knowledge.

Becoming too clingy

Another way she may show jealousy is by tending to cling too much to you when she notices other ladies around. She wants to send a clear message that she’s with you and that you’re a no go area.

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