7 Things Girls Don’t Like In A Relationship

Dating Relationship

Sometimes you may not be aware of the traits you possess or the manner in which you behave that occasionally makes your partner feel bad or uneasy. This is improper because relationships are meant to be based on love and happiness.
In this article, I’ll inform you about the things your partner dislikes in a relationship.

  • Excessive possessiveness

Possession is not the same as being too possessive or overly protective. Being protective means letting your partner hang out with her friends but also advising her to exercise caution and safety. If you are being overly possessive, you won’t let your woman be herself or spend out with her friends or coworkers. You, as a guy, need to realize that she has rights in any relationship and that you are not yet wedded to her. Don’t be overly possessive; instead, encourage her to live a happy life and to set boundaries for how she loves spending time with others. Unlike when you try to control her moves, she will feel comfortable when you quietly give her advice.

  • Dishonesty

Sometimes when a woman asks you a certain question, she already knows the truth about it. Instead of trying to trick her by fabricating a lie, it’s advised that you tell her the truth, even if it hurts her feelings. Once a woman learns you are lying to hide anything, she loses love and faith in you. When she loves you, she wants you to confide in her, not make you feel like she’s a judge and you’re a convict. Even if the truth sounds embarrassing or ridiculous, you should all say it.

  • Cheating

Don’t even consider it. Only cowards will cheat on their girlfriend; if you no longer want her, tell her and end your relationship; this is preferable to engaging in sexual intercourse with people who are not in your partnership; also, doing such to your faithful partner will bring bad karma upon you. It’s better that you end your relationship with her and pursue your dreams because if she finds out that you’re having affairs with other women, it will really hurt her. This way, you’ll be able to take responsibility for your actions. A woman’s life can be ruined by being cheated on, and it might make her resentful. She experiences feelings of worthlessness, ugliness, specialness, boredom, and other undesirable things as a result. Don’t be a player, just break it off with her. She is deserves better than that.

  • Showing no interest in what she has to say

Women enjoy having a gossip buddy. even merely a listener. Try being a rumor monger for a time. Even though she wants to tell you about how her day was, what happened to her neighbor, etc., she will really love the time if you act reluctantly. She will start to feel unimportant in your life and begin to believe that you don’t care about her or that you are seeing someone else.

  • Lack of knowledge

Boring men are those who lack the ability to converse about the most random topics. Sorry. Try not to be a passive lover; instead, elicit information from her by asking her about her interests, her day, and things she will never forget. Don’t disregard her answers because they will help you get to know her better.

  • Disrespect

Everyone loves to be treated with regard and respect. Accord your girl the respect due to her and don’t treat her like a piece of trash. Stop constantly being silly. Know when to be serious, especially during conversations. She could be trying to pass an important message to you. Trying to distract her with jokes will just make her upset and compel to leave.

  • Lack of personal hygiene

Men should practice being neat because it demonstrates self-consciousness. Being organized and tidy demonstrates your capacity for self-care, which enables you to look after others as well. Your girl will want to distance herself from you if you are a dirty type of person.

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