5 Strategies to Rekindle Love in Your Marriage


Everyone wants a happy marriage, but if you want that, you have to be prepared to do what it takes to make it happen. Without necessarily understanding why things got bad or knowing how to make it better, we catch ourselves getting complacent and feeling bitter about our relationship. If your marriage is going well, you should avoid doing anything that will cause it to fail. Marriage should be something that everyone should cherish and enjoy. Let’s take a look at a few extremely negative behaviors that most of us have and must change the way we think if we want to enjoy romance and sex in our marriage. To start and maintain the romance in your relationship, the following are some essential actions to take:

1. Communication is essential

One or both partners have typically shut down sexually and emotionally through their behavior when romance in a relationship dies. It pushes the relationship backward, and both partners begin to withdraw and isolate. that shouldn’t occur in a marriage. It also has a tendency to make making love and spending quality time together more challenging. when our relationships with one another aren’t strong and in sync. We should use communication with loved ones efficiently, one must take a chance and be communicative. Don’t try to ignore anything and pretend like there’s no problem; instead, talk about it with your partner and try to make things work for you both. Important communication strengthens relationships more than you could ever imagine, so don’t ignore it. You can also seek help from a sex therapist.

Lack of communication or ineffective communication between partners is the main issue for couples and the reason why the majority of marriages fail. Then, as time passes, they gradually drift apart, which is improper in marriage. You would therefore likely benefit from talking about your requirements and learning more about your partner’s preferences if your marriage and sexual life are not perfect. It is your responsibility to make your partner aware of anything you would like them to do for you or that you don’t like. Being truthful and forthcoming with others fosters trust and enables you to express yourself completely.

2. Set aside social media conventions

Regarding sex and relationships, as well as reality in general, Nollywood films, TV, magazines, and social media are incredibly inaccurate. Don’t compare your marriage life and that of movies or social media; it will only kill it more. It’s really challenging to avoid being in any way influenced by what we see online, even though many individuals believe they don’t fall into this trap. The reality is that media exposure breeds anxiety, insecurity, and a need for perfection.

I frequently advise married people to cut back on their online time because it can be detrimental to relationships. Facebook and other social media platforms have some advantages, but the drawbacks far outweigh these. We need to learn how to be more conscious, to communicate healthier and wholesome messages to ourselves around our sexuality. In movies, we see romanticized romances and sex scenes that are utterly unreal.

3. Make room for both you and your partner

Every relationship necessitates both shared and private time. It’s important to schedule time for reflection and solitude. Be sure to give your marriage the time and attention it deserves, even if you seem too busy. You should be more concerned during this time, especially if things aren’t going smoothly. This is not to say that you shouldn’t operate your business or let other things fail; rather, it means that you should be able to appropriately care for your marriage and personal life. Don’t play the victim in your marriage; whether you are the wife or the husband, you should be an integral part of resolving issues so that you are both comfortable and content.

4. Keep an open mind

When we believe that romance and sex must occur in a specific order and follow a script, we are setting ourselves up for failure. It’s best to speak up and not get upset with your partner when he or she prefers to go out for a fancy dinner and watch a romantic movie before engaging in physical intimacy. You should also realize that when your partner expresses his or her desires, it’s because he or she loves and wants you. When a man doesn’t love his wife, he can leave the house whenever he wants and return late at night without feeling guilty.

5. Display respect

We achieve relational safety in this way. When you talk carefully to each other, it helps us build trust. When there is a disagreement, this entails battling fairly and being considerate. We feel pleased and more at ease when our partners treat us with respect, safety, and understanding. We are considerably more inclined to desire more romance, closeness, and connection when the relationship’s conditions are favorable. But if the marriage is all about disrespect and judging each other, it will only cause

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