11 Things That Are Gradually Killing Your Relationship

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Many people are often left wondering how what was once a “fairytale relationship” metamorphosed into a cat and mouse battle. The truth is that relationships don’t just become bad overnight. You don’t just wake up one morning to a sour relationship, no. Broken relationships often result from several destructive patterns that develop over time. Timely identification of these patterns can save your relationship and prevent chaos before it ensues.

  • Lack of communication

In any romantic relationship, communication is crucial. You shouldn’t keep your thoughts and feelings hidden from your partner; share your opinion and feelings with him, if he truly loves you, he will respect your choices and put your comfort first.

  • Overwhelming competition

You should build your relationship with love and respect for each other rather than competing over who spends the most money or has the cutest appearance. Your partner is meant to be your companion, not your rival. You will begin to construct a wall of resentment if you play too much to win.

  • Not resolving issues

It’s best to clarify any misunderstanding or arguments. However, it’s not bad to leave when you’re angry but once you are calm, you should approach your partner and resolve the issue to prevent resentment. Acting as though you no longer care will only make matters worse.

  • Spending Like a Single Person

Once you’re married or in a committed relationship, you should be able to manage your money wisely. Don’t try to flaunt what you don’t have. By going shopping for expensive clothes or gadgets when you claim you don’t have enough money to cover your house rent, food stuff or your kids’ school expenses. Your companion will only suffer if you don’t give a damn about their maintenance. When creating the budget for the following month, keep your partner in mind.

  • Irrational expectations

This is another justification for talking to your partner; don’t assume they know why you’re upset when they express worry or inquire why you’re not happy; instead, express your concerns to them. Be certain that your expectations of your partner are grounded in truth.

  • Dishonesty

Apart from being in a relationship, it’s important for adults to avoid lying. When your partner discovers your lies, there will be no trust in the relationship, and over time, he or she will try to give you less love and attention because you don’t deserve it. The adage “honesty is the best policy” is used for a reason.

  • Hidden in Pretense

Pretense destroys relationships faster than you might think, so never claim to love someone you don’t, and never appear cool when you’re genuinely angry. Your lover will never know the true you and you’ll eventually start to feel resentful.

  • Worrying About Breaking Up

Worrying all the time about ending your relationship is probably a sign that there is something wrong in your union, and worrying can only harm you. You don’t have to stop doing things because you’re worried about the relationship ending; just be yourself in everything you do. Simply confirm that what you are doing is morally appropriate.

  • Apportioning blames

A surefire method to ensure that your relationship ends badly is to assign blame on your partner for everything that goes wrong in it. Be selfless and make an effort to communicate nicely. Avoid assigning blame hastily because doing so will only cause your relationship to break down.

  • Overdependence

It is not a good idea for either a man or a woman to depend on the other, especially financially. You should both put in a lot of effort and work to advance your careers; this will strengthen your relationship.

  • Absence of romance

If you have been in a long term relationship you will discover that the “romance” fades over time. Even if you are not particularly close to your partner, you should always talk to them or give them a call and make time to visit them. Your lover might need you at times, so try to meet up with them or go on a visit.

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