Decode His Actions: 10 Things Guys Do When They Like You

Decode His Actions: 10 Things Guys Do When They Like You

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Have you ever found yourself wondering whether a guy you’re interested in likes you back? It can be hard to tell sometimes, especially if he’s not the type to come out and say it directly. However, there are certain things that guys tend to do when they like someone, even if they don’t realize it themselves. Knowing when a guy likes you makes you more careful of how to deal with such a guy. In this post, we’ll explore 10 common things guys do when they like you, so you can better decode his actions and figure out where you stand.

  1. He makes an effort to spend time with you: If a guy likes you, he’ll want to be around you as much as possible. This could mean initiating plans or inviting you to join him for events or activities.
  2. He pays attention to the little details: Guys who are interested in you will often notice and remember small things about you, like your favorite food or your hobbies.
  3. He compliments you: If a guy likes you, he wants you to know it. One way he might do this is by giving you compliments, whether on your appearance, personality, or achievements.
  4. He asks you questions: If a guy is interested in getting to know you better, he’ll ask you questions about yourself and your life. This shows that he’s invested in learning more about you.
  5. He initiates physical contact: A touch is a powerful tool for communication, and if a guy likes you, he might initiate physical contact, like touching your arm or shoulder.
  6. He remembers important dates: If a guy likes you, he’ll make an effort to remember important dates, like your birthday or the anniversary of your first date.
  7. He introduces you to his friends and family: If a guy is serious about you, he’ll want to introduce you to the important people in his life.
  8. He puts in extra effort to look good around you: If a guy likes you, he’ll want to impress you, so he might put in extra effort to look good when he knows he’ll be seeing you.
  9. He texts or calls you just to say hi: If a guy is thinking about you, he might send you a quick text or give you a call just to say hi and check-in.
  10. He smiles a lot when he’s around you: Finally if a guy likes you, he’ll probably smile a lot when he’s around you. This is a sign that he’s happy and comfortable in your company.

Of course, everyone is different, and not all guys will exhibit these behaviors. However, if you notice several of these signs, it’s a good indication that he may be interested in you. If you’re not sure, the best thing to do is to communicate openly and honestly with him about your feelings and ask him how he feels about you. Good luck!

Final Words

There are still a couple more signs that indicate that a guy likes you asides from the ones stated above. However, it is worth noting that a man may do all these and still not genuinely like you. Perhaps he’s a pretender doing it for selfish reasons. You’d need your sense of judgment and reasoning to decide who really likes you as the above are just pointers. 

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