Things Guys Do When They Like You

Things Guys Do When They Like You

Being a lady, you are likely to get the feeling or notice that some guys are trying to win your heart from time to time. But how can you be sure of it? If a guy likes you, he is usually going to express it in some ways.

Knowing when a guy likes you makes you more careful of how to deal with such a guy. Here are some behaviors a guy is likely to put out if he really likes you:

Begins to seek your attention

This is the most glaring sign that a guy likes you. He could become too loud, change his looks, crack jokes or do some interesting thing whenever you are around, just to get your attention. He could also use other more subtle gimmicks to get your attention, like pretending to be lonely in a place where he is sure you’d see him. All of this is done with the hope of getting you to notice and perhaps get hooked to him. 

Trying to impress you

Yes, it becomes more like an audition. He doesn’t just stop at getting your attention alone, he will try to impress you in an awful lot of ways. By dressing gorgeous, wearing expensive perfumes, asking questions about your career/future, offering you advice or by showcasing his skills and talents whenever he’s around you. Some guys may even go to the extent of pretending to have things they don’t actually have just to impress you. 

Becomes generous

A guy that is trying to impress you will suddenly become more generous than usual or expected. Buying you gifts, offering to buy lunch and even getting you movie tickets. Girl, that guy likes you! Being generous is a subtle way of letting you know he likes you and is interested in developing a relationship with you. Do observe him and see if he fits your fantasy.

Acts like a gentleman

Boys know that girls are often attracted to gentlemen. So, be sure to notice when a guy starts treating you like a princess or helps you do things that you’d normally do for yourself. 

Checks on you often

If he asks to know how you’re doing often, he definitely likes you. He would care to know if you’ve eaten, what you had for dinner, whether you are out working or on a vacation and stuff like that. He just wants to know what you’re up to and how he can come in. 

Texts often

If a guy likes you, he’d text you most of the time because he is thinking about you and probably can’t get you off his mind. Don’t be surprised if you receive a text from him seconds after getting off a phone call with him. Yeah, it is like that sometimes. 

Compliments you

This is a way of showing his affection for you. A gentleman knows the kind of words ladies love to hear and he’d shower you with those nice words. He never fails to mention how beautiful you look in that dress or how good you smell. His compliments might even seem like mere flattery some times. This however does not mean that every guy who compliments you likes you in that way. 

Final Words

There are still a couple more signs that indicates that a guy likes you asides the ones stated above. However, it is worth noting that a man may do all of these and still not genuinely like you. Perhaps he’s a pretender doing it for selfish reasons. You’d need your sense of judgement and reasoning to decide who really likes you as the above are just pointers. 

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